Jólasveinar, Julegutter, Yuletide Lads

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Find the the book on [www.ebaekur.is] The story is allso available in English, Danish as well as in Icelandic on [www.saxo.dk]
The Yuletide Lads
Helgi Valgeirsson
The Yuletide Lads
The Yuletide Lads
Christmas is a time for peace and harmony, or is it so? The Yuletide Lads is an adventure for children in all ages.
Land of Ogress and Ragjerk
The Yuletide Cat
Hobbler awakening
Hobbler takes off to town
Hobbler visiting a farm
Hobbler has a problem in the sheep shed
Hobbler leaves the farm
Gully Slinker
Gully Slinkers adventure are remarkable
Gully Slinker says, Ops!
Gully Slinkers favorit drink is milk from cows.
Gully Slinker usually gets his milk.
Stumpy is tiny.
Stumpy is all too short to keep his head above the snow
Stumpy always manages to find his way into the kitchen.
Stumpy loves to find a frying pan with delicacies.
Stumpy runs off with his trophy
Scraper Licker has a habit of teasing his parents.
Scraper Licker than hurries to town.
Scraper Licker visits the bakery.
Scraper Licker hardly leaves the bakery empty handed.
Scraper Licker always finds goodies on his trips.
Pot Licker is a troblemaker.
Pot Licker easily gets into trouble.
Pot Licker usually ends up in the kitchen.
Pot Licker always is happy with his findings.
Pot Licker runs home with what he has found.
Bowl Licker has a harsh awakening before going to town.
Bowl Licker travels in a hurry to town.
Bowl Licker scampers around looking for wooden bowls
Bowl Licker has not found a wooden bowl for a long time
Bowl Licker misses his beloved wooden bowls.
Door Slammer wakes up grumpy before Christmas
Door Slammer takes the high road to town.
Door Slammer is never late to town.
Door Slammer often smashes the doors to pieces.
Door Slammer loves to create blasts ewerywhere, he goes
Curds Gobbler doesn’t like going out into the cold.
Curds Gobbler takes a little peek in the diary
Curds Gobbler tastes everything he can find in the stor
Curds Gobbler is never keen to clean up after a visit.
Curds Gobbler, immensely happy races off from the town
Sausage Snatcher is forever talking,if not eating
Sausage Snatcher ends up in coolest butcher’s store
Sausage Snatcher in a forest of sausages
Sausage Snatcher chewing and swallowing happily
Sausage Snatcher with a collection of sausages
Window Peeper has his own way to speed up his journey
Window Peepers almost has full control on his stic
Window Peeper travells too fast to avoid an accident
Window Peeper has never seen a TV before
Window Peeper is a profoundly curious chap.
Doorway Sniffer sneezes dramatically
Doorway Sniffers nose picks up the aroma of Christmas
Doorway Sniffer soon finds a kitchen to explore.
Doorway Sniffer hurts his hooter badly
Doorway Sniffer bawling because of the pain in his nose
Meat Hooker arrival to town is spetacular.
Meat Hooker uses his hook in many ways.
Meat Hooker is giddy with delight at his sight.
Meat Hooker pops through the window.
Meat Hookers favourite food, is smoked meat of lamb
Candle Dodgers needs lots of light to see anything.
Candle Dodger makes his way down the mountains.
Candle Dodger avoids all the pitfalls on his journey.
Candle Dodger admires all the Christmas lights.
Candle Dodger learns about modern Christmas decorations
The Yuletide Lads return in same order, they left home.
Ogress doesn’t trust anybody to cook for Christmas.
Everybody fall asleep waiting for next Christmas.
The Moon is fast asleep up in the sky
He never snores but is silent as ever

Artist Helgi Valgeirsson


The artist Helgi Valgeirsson is born in Reykjavík, Iceland year 1962.  After free and considerable childhood with fishing vast ranges and practical jokes, he made his course towards art, and finished education from The Icelandic Academy in the year 1986.Paintings, drawings and sculptures are his primer term.  Helgis paintings and drawings have powerful Nordic expression, folklores, mystic, the Nordic light and saga atmosphere are central elements in his works.  His sculptures are related to his paintings as they are created to hang on the wall, but he uses very different picture-languish in this form for art. Helgi has held many exhibitions in Iceland and Europe and amongst others; his works has been bought by Carlsberg art foundation, Førøyehuset i Copenhagen, Gentofte Rådhus, Reykjavik City and more. Besides painting an exhibiting, Helgi has written and illustrated 5 children books, and finally he has designed Christmas cards with his figures, “The Yuletide Lads” originated from Old Icelandic folklores.

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Land of Ogress and Ragjerk Examples from the book
Close to the edge of the world, far away in the North, there lies a majestic land, albeit, little and remote, that it is surrounded by an angry ocean. The landscape at first glance, is rugged and mountainous, and in midwinter the weather is often cold and windy. The island’s deep valleys are surrounded by high mountains making this a difficult countryside to access, especially in wintertime, when snow is covering the ground! In those months the days are short, and gloomy, followed by long cold, stormy nights, with clouds in the sky that hang so thick and heavy, the stars and moon are seldom seen. So harsh are the conditions in this rugged landscape that plants and trees find it a great struggle to survive there. So it is no surprise that few forests grow in this land and yet! Single trees can be seen here and there, sometimes, even in little groups, producing small copses of trees in the wilderness of moss and shrubs. The countryside may look rugged, but it is a land of cheerful, friendly people living in warm and comfortable homesteads in cities, towns or farmsteads, in which a traveller will always be made most welcome. These people are happy and contented folk, and very knowledgeable about this land in which they live. But there is one place there yet to discover, told of in a very old legend of which all the people on the island are familiar, which tells of a huge, deep cave, high up in a big mountain called the Troll Peak. Still it is a fact, that none of the locals knows EXACTLY where it is. It is there that an old troll couple, Ogress and Ragjerk live together with their thirteen sons, the Yuletide Lads, along with their pet, the Yuletide cat. For the greater part of the year, the whole family sleeps under their warm blankets in a big group on the floor.
Chapter one: Hobbler
As everybody now knows, Ogress always is unbearably busy when she is awake, for that short time before Christmas. But sometimes, just for a break, she likes to go outside to make a snowman, and then it is back into the cave again to continue her housework and wake her boys from their sleep with commotion, to send them off on their travels. In the middle of all the Christmas turbulence Ogress is always amused when she is rousing the Yuletide Lads. Just thinking about it makes her laughs to herself. She turns to her sons, lying there in a group asleep on the cave floor and first of all she wakes up Hobbler with a kick in his rear. He is an all time sleeper like his father and most of his brothers. Hobbler is a long and skinny fellow and bold like his Dad, with long tangled sideburns gathering in a moustache right under his nose. “Wake up, wake up! You are not sleeping Christmas away, are you son, are you?” Ogress shouts. Hobbler wakes up, unenthusiastically, and continues to lie in his bed looking at his mother with sleep still in his eyes, and she stares back at him like a headmistress. With bad grace Hobbler then decides that it probably is the best for him to get up and get dressed. After that long sleep, from last Christmas to this one, he is fairly stiff and his legs he cannot bend at all. But when he finally sits up, stretches and scratches his back it doesn’t take him long to prepare him for the journey. Ogress hands him a sack of potatoes saying. “These potatoes are not for Yuletide Lads to eat on the way, but to put in the shoes of the little children as thanks for the food supply and more we get from the village.

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